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Together with Clarus, we can do great things

Posted in News & Events on 22/11/2012

gareth hamilton thumb Garth Hamilton

If you've read our media release you'll know that Clarus and Assurity have joined forces. It's been a move that Darren, myself and Edwin Dando have thought about for some time.

There are some extremely good business reasons for Assurity and Clarus being together – not least a great geographical fit and a great strategic fit across both our services. But there's a better reason – and it's about a personal fit.

We each share a common vision. Each of us has been walking a similar path for some time now but looking at the same Everest, the same big challenges. Which is to improve the delivery and outcomes of software that touches all of our lives.

What if we could improve the lives of developers? Of CIOs? Of everyone inside an organisation? And outside too?   Simply put, better software outcomes in software delivery touch most people. But better ways of delivering those outcomes truly have the ability to touch everyone. From shareholders, to staff, to CIO’s, to developers, to customers, and then some…

Clarus wants to 'challenge conventional thinking'. Assurity wants to 'challenge the status quo'. These are stated in our incredibly well-aligned values. And, in respect of software delivery in New Zealand, these values add up to the same thing:

The adoption of Lean/Agile practices to software delivery in New Zealand.

Our joint Everest is to accelerate change through the adoption of these practices. We are convinced, in both Clarus and Assurity, that Agile's time has come. While we know that traditional testing practices will be required – and improved – for a long time yet, we also know that the real impact on everyone's lives comes through better delivery in the first place.

If we can be at the forefront of the Lean/Agile uptake in New Zealand, Darren, myself and Edwin will be extremely proud. Not for ourselves, but of everyone that joins us on the path we intend to travel. Together.

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