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Introducing NZ's first Scaled Agile Framework Consultants

Posted in News & Events on 26/10/2012

gillian clark thumb Gillian Clark

Four of the Assurity team have become the first people in NZ to be certified as Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants

After an intensive training session with industry thought leader Dean Leffingwell, four Assurity consultants – Gillian Clark, Mary O’Keeffe, Steph Cooper and Gareth Evans – have become the first people in New Zealand to be certified as Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants (SPC).

Each achieved the third level of certification from the Scaled Agile Academy after passing the exam which covered all aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) . The first level is SAFe Agilist (SA), the second is Scaled Agile Practitioner (SP).

The training session took place during Dean’s second visit to NZ at the end of September, when he also helped some of our key clients with Agile/Lean leadership and SAFe. He also presented to the Wellington Agile community.

“It was a great experience exploring all the facets of scaling Agile by learning the intricacies of interlinking the Agile portfolio to Agile programmes to Agile teams” said Gillian Clark.

“Dean has experienced implementing Agile at scale and used real examples to back up the theory. We’re all now ready and raring to go to use these fabulous new skills and techniques for the benefit of our clients”.

One of Assurity’s key goals in recent years has been to help organisations achieve better economic results through the adoption of Agile/Lean principles and practices.

The great results achieved by individual Agile teams have often eluded large projects/programmes and our constant pursuit of overcoming this challenge lead us to Dean’s Scaled Agile Framework.

The framework allows these individual teams to scale to large Agile projects and programmes to achieve better results for the organisation.

If you've been wary about how Agile can be successfully scaled across your organisation you should talk to us. We have the know-how and we're convinced that the Scaled Agile Framework is destined to become de-facto best practice across the world. For us, the early know-how is a privilege. For you, it could be step-change in how you deliver software for your business.

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