Edwin Dando

Edwin Dando

General Manager Education

Edwin leads our Education business and is responsible for developing an offer that's unique in New Zealand – 'Education by practitioners'. Harnessing the coal-face experience of our practitioners, students on our courses learn skills they can put to work immediately.

Core capabilities

Edwin is a creative disrupter, always seeking new and better ways to solving problems. By nature, he is an unconventional, yet passionate leader and thrives when challenging incumbent paradigms and complex problems. He is a skilled communicator, a seasoned coach and leader – only by the fact that people tend to follow him!

Career highlights

  • Founder and Managing Director Clarus
  • Evidence-based Management Consultant
  • Consultant Accenture, Synergy, Gen-I
  • Chef Various

Tomorrow’s business imperatives lie outside the performance envelope of today’s bureaucracy-infused management practices. Equipping organizations to tackle the future would require a management revolution no less momentous than the one that spawned modern industry. Gary Hamel – Moon Shots For Management

Edwin’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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