Edwin Dando

Edwin Dando

Consulting Manager – Education

Edwin helps organisations learn and apply better ways of working. He focuses on empowerment and transparency that creates a culture and the information organisations need to transform into high-performing states.

Core capabilities

Edwin is a creative disrupter, always seeking new and better ways to solving problems. By nature, he is unconventional, yet passionate, and thrives when challenging incumbent paradigms. He is a skilled communicator, a seasoned coach, a consultant and leader, only by the fact that people tend to follow him.

Career highlights

  • Founder and Managing Director Clarus
  • Evidence-based Management Consultant
  • Consultant Accenture, Synergy, Gen-I
  • Chef Various

Tomorrow’s business imperatives lie outside the performance envelope of today’s bureaucracy-infused management practices. Equipping organizations to tackle the future would require a management revolution no less momentous than the one that spawned modern industry. Gary Hamel – Moon Shots For Management

Edwin’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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