Damian Brown

Damian Brown

General Manager – Christchurch

As General Manager for Assurity in Christchurch, Damian manages the South Island branch and is passionate about improving frameworks for delivery and increasing quality.

Core capabilities

With over 20 years in IT consulting and project management, Damian has led many organisational change and delivery programmes in software and business projects. He has taken a consultative approach to implementing best practices for delivery and governance within traditional and Agile environments.

Career highlights

  • General Manager Clarus Consulting
  • Senior Consultant/Project Manager Octa Associates
  • Senior Project Manager IBM
  • Senior Consultant EDS UK

Lean|Agile transformation is a mechanism for organisations to improve delivery within their own business, as well as for their clients. It has the potential to improve staff engagement, increase productivity, deliver higher quality and focus on the areas that add the greatest value.

Damian’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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