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The battle to satisfy customers and attract new ones is being fought online. Every business is now dependent on technology. Delivering your next feature fast keeps your customers. Delivering your next product first engages new ones. We're here to help you deliver the right things, in the right way, at a velocity and cadence that keeps your organisation relevant.

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From evolution to revolution

How do you improve legacy technology and introduce new practices at the same time? How can the teams and governance of your organisation be best organised? How can you get a start-up hunger and focus on rethinking the market, business and technologies required to enable a bolder future? Our solutions provide answers to your biggest challenges.

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We work with your teams to deliver innovative practices across the project lifecycle. Improve quality, velocity and cadence by implementing game-changing, lean approaches to project delivery, business analysis, testing and deployment. Upskill your people through our real-world Education programme or build new mindsets to deliver better in a digitally transformed world.

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Big Thoughts

28 November 2016

Create a high-performance digital business

Written by Ben Hayman

To deliver constantly improving digital services that end users or customers love and have conversations about is a great achievement and something to be immensely proud of. To do that and look at what might happen next in your market and be ready to disrupt yourselves with a radically new product or business model is the real peak of digital business performance.

Some organisations are born digital. For them, it’s not a case of needing to transform themselves from a pre-existing, non-digital state, but to focus on the essential parts of being digital. More

Big Thoughts

28 November 2016

Making innovation central to the new normal

Written by Ben Hayman

With Innovation sounding like a great idea, we’d all support it within our organisations. Staff want to know they’re supported in being creative and looking for innovative ways forward. It’s a no-brainer in many ways, but to create the conditions for innovation to become part of the new ‘business as usual’ takes framing and sponsorship.

We see patterns of adoption of innovation methods that create real change. We also see anti-patterns where innovation is a spike of excitement and activity and brings little ongoing change. More

Big Thoughts

28 November 2016

Thriving times for responsive organisations

Written by Ben Hayman

Organisations that deliver excellent digital services have generally achieved a high degree of business Responsiveness that enables them to turn on a dime. They also truly understand the Relevance of their current offering for its audience, while also being able to Innovate to imagine a future state and disrupt their business model before their competitors.

Responsiveness runs deepSome organisations are born digital and find these three aspects a natural state of being. For other pre-digital organisations, they’re likely to need to undertake some level of transformation to get there. In either case, responsiveness is a fundamental enabling part of the picture. More

Big Thoughts

29 June 2016

A third age that’s built on great people

Written by Darren McTigue

In today's world where the intersect between business and technology increases – and both parts need the other to succeed – how we create a new business model and find new ways to lead and engage people through this journey becomes more and more important.

What does a modern consultancy look like? What should (or could) it feel like to be part of this? What would this mean for its customers and staff? Looking at our own business and how we’ve evolved and grown, I’ll try and capture what the journey has been like for... More


Senior Consultant - Agile - Permanent

We're looking for experienced Agile Consultants to coach, mentor and guide the teams which are driving our clients on their transformation journeys


13 March 2017

Senior Consultant - Agile - Permanent

We're looking for an experienced Agile Consultant to coach, mentor and guide the teams which are driving our clients on their transformation journeys


8 March 2017

Graduate Programme - July 2017

Start your career as a Consultant Tester at Assurity through the Assurity Graduate Programme for 2017!


1 March 2017

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