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The battle to satisfy customers and attract new ones is being fought online. Every business is now dependent on technology. Delivering your next feature fast keeps your customers. Delivering your next product first engages new ones. We're here to help you deliver the right things, in the right way, at a velocity and cadence that keeps your organisation relevant.

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How do you improve legacy technology and introduce new practices at the same time? How can the teams and governance of your organisation be best organised? How can you get a start-up hunger and focus on rethinking the market, business and technologies required to enable a bolder future? Our solutions provide answers to your biggest challenges.

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We work with your teams to deliver innovative practices across the project lifecycle. Improve quality, velocity and cadence by implementing game-changing, lean approaches to project delivery, business analysis, testing and deployment. Upskill your people through our real-world Education programme or build new mindsets to deliver better in a digitally transformed world.

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Big Thoughts

29 June 2016

A third age that’s built on great people

Written by Darren McTigue

In today's world where the intersect between business and technology increases – and both parts need the other to succeed – how we create a new business model and find new ways to lead and engage people through this journey becomes more and more important.

What does a modern consultancy look like? What should (or could) it feel like to be part of this? What would this mean for its customers and staff? Looking at our own business and how we’ve evolved and grown, I’ll try and capture what the journey has been like for... More

Big Thoughts

27 April 2016

A delivery consultancy for the Digital Age

Written by Garth Hamilton

In 2015, Assurity celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Over those years, we evolved the business from a disruptive start-up which created the outsourced software testing market to a consulting and delivery practice with more than 220 people working across the whole software delivery pipeline. Our client list, the scope of our engagements and our own capabilities have grown dramatically in that time. But what about the future? How might we continue to deliver on our mission to make a difference for our clients?

Late last year, we got together as a team to think about just that. We looked at the rapidly transforming business landscape where every organisation is having to change its thinking, business model, organisation, methods, practices and delivery capabilities. More

Big Thoughts

26 April 2016

Let the Cultural API nurture your organisation’s culture

Written by Ben Hayman

Culture change is one of the heavy rocks we need to lift to change an existing organisation. It’s quite shapeless as rocks go, maybe more like a partially tied sack of gravel. But it’s what we all know the ideal state is delivered from. What people do and how they go about doing it with each other. Very human, very personal. Not a process or organisational structure. Something we need to create the right conditions for. Not something we can generate, specify or mandate.

For many organisational transformations (could be Agile, could be digital, it really doesn’t matter), leadership rightly identifies culture as a critical aspect to care for. It must be nurtured so it allows the right kinds of new behaviours and ownership for all staff to flourish. More

Big Thoughts

25 April 2016

How did DevOps come about?

Written by Peter-John Lightfoot

In a time long before the advent of computers and digital information – and indeed throughout the rise and settle of two industrial revolutions – manufacturing continued as mankind's favourite brainchild. So many brilliant minds worked at it, for so long, that by the time software development came along, the processes and guiding principles behind them were delivering such tremendous value that no-one thought to question their relevance. Like a cookie cutter, Software Development fell in line as yet another manufacturing minion.

Except it wasn’t. Software Development was intrinsically different. Requirements were fluid to the point that they were obsolete before the features could be delivered. Business wanted more and the industry promised to deliver. More


Principal Test Consultant - Permanent

We're looking for an experienced software leader to join our Auckland team and help improve software quality for our clients


13 October 2016

Senior Consultant - Agile - Permanent

We're looking for an experienced Agile Consultant to coach, mentor and guide the teams which are driving our clients on their transformation journeys


12 October 2016

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